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We are committed to building and maintaining a respectful, inclusive and equitable workplace that is representative of the community we serve. We value individuals who bring diverse experience, skills and opinions to our services

We seek individuals who are committed to public service, enjoy collaborating with others and who share our values, including The City’s commitment to anti-racism and reconciliation. Accommodations are available during the hiring process upon request.

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Job opportunities

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Administrative/Business Serv

Job title Closing date
Customer Service Representative - On-Call 2023/05/30
Community Energy Program Assistant 2023/05/29
Calgary Police Service - Investigative Disclosure Specialist 2023/05/28
Space Planning Administrator 2023/06/05
Administrative Assistant to the Director 2023/06/07
Senior Data Analyst 2023/05/29
Anti-Racism Strategic Advisor, Calgary Fire Department 2023/06/05
Accounting Project Coordinator - AMENDMENT 2023/05/26
Business Programmer Analyst - AMENDMENT 2023/05/31
Process Cooordinator 2023/05/26
Information Management Analyst 2023/05/29
Leader, Real Estate Business Development and Strategy 2023/06/02
Communications and Marketing Advisor 2023/06/06
Archibus Data Analyst - AMENDMENT 2023/05/29
Calgary Police Service - Facilities Analyst 2023/06/14
Customer Care Operations Coordinator 2023/05/31
Business Support Analyst 2023/05/31
Business Strategist - AMENDMENT 2023/06/05
CMMS Business Systems Specialist - AMENDMENT 2023/06/09
Funding and Investment Consultant 2023/06/05
Calgary Police Service - Criminal Fingerprint Technician 2023/06/08
Executive Advisor 2023/06/08
Calgary Police Service - Policy Strategist 2023/06/08
Systems Enhancement Lead 2023/05/31
Land Assistant 2023/06/07


Job title Closing date
Communications Strategist 2023/05/30
Customer Service & Communications Web and Digital Planner 2023/06/02
Customer Service & Communications Team Supervisor 2023/06/07

Engineering Services

Job title Closing date
Senior Development Engineer 2023/06/16
Leader, Track & Way 2023/06/07
Leader, Public Space and Mobility Infrastructure Planning 2023/05/29
Mobility Policy Engineer 2023/06/13
Project Engineer 2023/05/31
Senior Transportation Engineer 2023/06/06


Job title Closing date
Director, Community Strategies 2023/05/26


Job title Closing date
Advisor, Corporate Finance 2023/06/01
Process Accountant - AMENDMENT 2023/05/30
Financial & Regulatory Strategist 2023/06/06

Human Resources

Job title Closing date
Human Resources Consultant - Pay & Client Services - AMENDMENT 2023/05/29
Leader - Human Resources, Corporate Learning and Development 2023/06/02
Human Resources Consultant, Governance (Benefits) 2023/06/06
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant 2023/06/09

Information Technology

Job title Closing date
Information Security Advisor 2023/05/29
Senior Data Analytics Strategist 2023/06/05
Systems Administrator 2 - AMENDMENT 2023/06/05
Human Resources Talent Management Application Analyst 2023/05/30
IT Senior Systems Analyst - AMENDMENT 2023/05/26

Labour/Operations Support

Job title Closing date
Parks Seasonal Gardener 2023/05/29
Material Handler 2023/06/05

Leisure Services

Job title Closing date
Recreation Leader, On-Call 2023/06/09
Sailing Instructor 1, 2, 3, On-Call 2023/06/08
Swim Instructor - AMENDMENT 2023/06/12
Waterslide Monitor, On-Call 2023/06/30
Arts Centre Specialist - On Call 2023/05/31
Yoga or Pilates Instructor, Level 1 or 2, On-Call 2023/07/30
Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator 2023/06/02
Junior Recreation Leader, On-Call 2023/06/09
Superintendent, Recreation Service Delivery 2023/06/07
Skateboard or Inline Instructor, On-Call 2023/06/13
Recreation Labourer 2023/08/01
Recreation Programmer, On-Call 2023/06/09
Weight Room Monitor - Non-Certified & Certified, On-Call 2023/06/13
Martial Arts Instructor 1, 2 and 3: Kickboxing, Karate, Hapkido, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, On-Call 2023/06/20
Fitness Instructor 1 and 2, Older Adult, On-Call 2023/07/30
Fitness Instructor 1 and 2, Group Fitness, On-Call 2023/07/30


Job title Closing date
Planning & Safety Codes Customer Advisor (Plans Examiner / Inspector) 2023/06/05

Property/Asset Management

Job title Closing date
Land Agent II 2023/06/08

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Job title Closing date
Calgary Police Service - Skills Instructor Support 2023/05/30
Transit Public Safety Officer 2023/06/05
Deputy Fire Chief 2023/05/26
Safety Codes Officer Building (Plans Examiner / Inspector) - ON-CALL 2023/05/31
Occupational Safety Project Specialist - AMENDMENT 2023/05/30

Public Transit

Job title Closing date
Accessible Services Operator - On-Call 2023/06/08
Community Shuttle Operator 2023/06/08


Job title Closing date
Acquisition Specialist 2023/06/01
Safety Investigator 2023/06/05
Safety Auditor - AMENDMENT 2023/05/30
Corporate Environmental Specialist - Adaptation 2023/06/12
Industrial Technician 2023/06/02
Transit Planning Technician 2023/06/08
Roads Subdivision Officer 2023/06/07
Senior Telecommunications Technologist 2023/05/26
Development Technologist 2023/05/31
District Technician 2023/05/29

Social Science/Services

Job title Closing date
Business Strategist 2023/05/29
Funding Strategist 2023/06/13


Job title Closing date
Cross Connection Control Inspector 2023/06/01
Auto Body Serviceman 2023/05/29
Team Lead, Warehousing 2023/05/30
Journeyman 1 Auto Body Technician 2023/05/29
Appraiser 2023/06/09

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