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Graphic flyers

Flyers delivered to Calgary homes showing graphic images of fetuses must be concealed in an opaque envelope, bearing a graphic content warning, and include the name and address of the sender.

Bylaw requirements for flyers depicting graphic images of fetuses

Flyers with graphic images of fetuses must comply with the Calgary Community Standards Bylaw. These regulations help create a layer of protection against individual family members being inadvertently exposed to graphic content when collecting flyers with the mail.

The bylaw defines the following:

  • Flyer: includes any printed or written matter, and includes a circular, leaflet, pamphlet, paper, booklet, postcard, or any other printed or otherwise reproduced matter of literature.
    (Non-commercial flyers distributed by interest groups to express an opinion on an issue or a cause are included in the definition of ‘flyer’) 
  • Graphic Image: a visual image showing, or purporting to show, a fetus or any part of a fetus.

The bylaw outlines that flyers that have graphic images of fetuses must:

  • be concealed in an opaque envelope,
  • have a graphic content warning, and
  • include the name and address of the sender, when delivered to homes.

The content warning must read: “Contains a graphic image that may be offensive or disturbing.

How to report

If you receive a graphic image of a fetus that is not enclosed in an envelope (with both a warning label and sender’s address), please call 311 to report it.

The incident will be investigated, and enforcement will be based on education, voluntary compliance and officer discretion on additional actions when necessary. 

The three bylaw requirements each carry a separate fine of $1000 if violated.