Graffiti services and resources available to Calgarians

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We provide the following services and resources to keep our city clean, safe and free of graffiti:

Corporate Coordinated Graffiti Abatement Program (CCGAP)

If you are the victim of graffiti and are not able to remove the graffiti yourself, you can request assistance from the Corporate Coordinated Graffiti Abatement Program (CCGAP).

Property owners must sign a waiver authorizing city employees, contractors and/or agents to enter the property and provide graffiti removal services. The graffiti removal services are free of charge to the property owner.

However, the City reserves the right to decline services in certain circumstances. The City cannot provide a time frame for graffiti removal.

Community Standards logbook

The Community Standards Logbook is available to residents and community groups who are interested in learning more about graffiti and other bylaw infractions. It serves as a helpful resource for citizens collecting information to file concerns with 3-1-1.

Graffiti awareness toolkit

The graffiti awareness tooklit includes a booklet about the impact of graffiti,removal tips and steps for organizing a removal event.

Newsletter articles

Articles about the impact of graffiti andprevention can be sent out to community groups for use in their newsletters.

Discounted paint and graffiti removal supplies

Call your local Cloverdale Paints, or ICI Paint store for details about discounted colour match paint and graffiti removal supplies.

Inexpensive recycled paint, available in 14 colours, can be purchased at Calibre Environmental Recycling, located at 6224 29 St. S.E. Call 403-287-7726 for information.

Reporting graffiti

If you see graffiti in progress, please call 911. To report all other graffiti, please contact 311.