Bylaws related to the Glenmore Reservoir

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The Glenmore Reservoir and Dam are located on the Elbow River. They were constructed to provide Calgarians a safe and sufficient supply of drinking water with bylaws put in place to maintain the quality of the water.

Under our Water Utility Bylaw, no person shall:

  • enter or remain in or upon the water or the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • place any object or thing in the water or upon the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir or any stream flowing into the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • do anything or place or throw anything which may pollute or contaminate the water of the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • allow any drain to be connected to any structure or device which drains into the Glenmore Reservoir.

Dogs on the Reservoir

Under our Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, the owner of any animal must ensure that their animal does not enter or remain in the water or upon the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir at any time.

Related bylaws

Glenmore Reservoir regulations are found in section 23 of the Water Utility Bylaw and in section 16 of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

This page is an overview of these regulations. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk's office.

Filing a complaint

How to file a complaint and what happens to it

If you know of a bylaw infraction and would like to report it to Animal & Bylaw Services, please call 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-CITY (2489) (from outside Calgary).